Vision and Mission

The vision of PECS-WaterSES is a world where human actions have transformed to achieve sustainable stewardship of social-ecological systems. The goal of PECS is to generate the scientific and policy-relevant knowledge of social-ecological dynamics needed to enable such a shift, including mitigation of poverty.

Pecs Research

1. Recognition that ecosystem services are not generated by ecosystems alone, but by social-ecological systems.

2. Recognition that stewardship of ecosystem services in social-ecological landscapes and seascapes operates in interacting local to global contexts.

3. Recognition that interactions in social-ecological systems are complex.

WaterSES Goals

• Synthesize the data that has been collected across the three PECS-WaterSES research sites, and identify the novel and pressing SES science questions that can be answered with this rich dataset.

• Develop new SES science research questions that can be answered using additional data that could be collected across the sites in the next year. This step will enable the systematic collection of the same data across research sites so that future comparative work can build on current efforts.

• Identify potential new research sites for PECS-WaterSES

• Target cross-institutional funding opportunities at the national and international level to continue the data collection process, as well as other venues to support future synthesis workshops